Aug 272017

It’s the final countdown to the end. I am talking about exactly what you have been thinking all this week. ‘Game Of Thrones’ finale is finally hours away from now and while I am extremely anxious, and excited, there are a few expectations I have from the finale. We all are seeking a few answers from the writers, we all want to know if we shall touch catharsis and which main character is going to die, will Dany give in to Jon, what happens to the ice dragon and what not!

eres A List Of  What We Are Expecting From The Game Of Thrones Finale © HBO

Okay, so I decided to voice all our emotions and here is a list of everything we are expecting to witness in the finale:

1. Will Jon and Dany finally have a ‘moment’ ?

got finale © HBO

The chemistry is obvious, the fire is burning bright. He’s probably her nephew (we don’t care now) and he’s bent more than his knee. What happens to them now. I don’t want to wait for this romance to blossom in the next season. So if the makers want to break our heart with a break up or seize the day with them declaring their feelings, tomorrow is a good time to do it.

2. Cersei’s prophecy

got finale © HBO

There is much ado about what happens to the queen we all love to hate. Will Maggy’s prophecy show its colors, will Jaime kill his beloved sister himself? Will she betray him, and become the mad queen? Tell me or drop a hint please!

3. Is Bryan finally opening his mouth?

GOT finale © HBO

Okay, I have to admit. His silence is pivotal to the plot, but I am kinda annoyed with his behaviour. Please make him talk to Jon already! Stop dragging it. Is he the Night King really?! Please put him to some innocuous use and make us like him again.

4. The Arya-Sansa cold war

got finale © HBO

We loved it when the Stark sisters reunited and lately the tensed environment between them is becoming a melting point of a lot of tension. There are theories that one of them might die and it’s scary. Arya has a list of people to kill and Sansa has a dream to be on the top of a ruling house. Will the sisters unite or will they further divide? Cannot wait to know!

5. What is Baelish up to?

go finale © HBO

Okay, this man’s creepy smile is an award winning expression in itself. When he is not low key creeping out around Sansa, he’s plotting away something all the time. Will he die? All that he’s done has been the crux of all that followed. It is going to be extremely interesting to watch.

6. Will Samwell save the day?

got finale © HBO

This would be a cliché, but maybe it will be heart warming to watch this man who is now a very important character. Will he again learn something valuable and share it with Jon? What happens to him and his new found reservoir of knowledge now?

7. The Mountain vs the Hound

got finale © HBO

This is going to a very classy battle. The showdown has been getting us to the point where a major fight sequence between the two brothers is being anticipated.

8. Is anyone going to kill Theon Greyjoy?

got finale © HBO

Honestly, I couldn’t care less. Watching him die will be interesting because I really want to know who finally does it. He’s been running away from death for a very long time already. So while it’s going to be nail biting and exciting, we will be sad and in a comatose mode for a few weeks since GOT is not returning for a long time! Anyways, please stay away from spoilers and have a wonderful visual feast. 

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