Aug 112017

He surprised everyone with his awesome performance in ‘Thor’ and the ‘Avengers’. And, there is literally no one who doesn’t love him. Well, Chris Hemsworth is undoubtedly amazing, a fabulous actor and a heartthrob to boot. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The Hollywood and Aussie hunk has been in some excellent films, proving his versatility as an actor. The ‘Thor’ star is surely a super busy man these days as his latest film ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is set to hit theatres in November! And, we can’t wait. 

However, as the actor turns 34 today, we’ve compiled a list of some his most brilliant performances for y’all!

1. Star Trek (2009)

This popular reboot of one of the most popular science fiction franchises ever didn’t just kick start Chris’s career but he also managed to grab several eyeballs. Starring in a small yet a pivotal role as George Samuel Kirk (James’ father), he not just opens up the film but sets the whole story in motion. His aura and performance as a heroic father figure is so moving that you understand why Kirk wants to fulfil what his father wanted. 

2. A Perfect Getaway (2009) 

Well, this film didn’t really make it big in Hollywood but certainly gave Chris the presence he needed to prove his acting skills. In the film, he plays a Kale, a young hitchhiker who is accused of murder by a couple. Despite his limited screen presence, he was bright enough to get noticed and the rest is history. 

3. Thor (2011)

Best known for his role as the Marvel Comics superhero Thor, people went gaga over his performance. He and Tom Hiddleston, who ultimately played Loki, both had auditioned for the role. Just wondering would we want anyone else except Hemsworth playing this character? In 2012 he reprised his role again as Thor in The Avengers as one of the six superheroes and yet again impressed viewers. 

4. Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

This wasn’t your normal fairytale. ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ took a more sinister look inside the life of the raven haired princess. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Donning Eric’s character, whose task is to murder Snow White (Kristen Stewart), he was equally scary and caring. His performance was loved by the critics, who didn’t love the film as much. 

5. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This film was a very different gig from his previous roles. The plot revolves arund four young adults who face unspeakable horrors on a weekend getaway. As Curt, he did a terrific job and many won’t believe it but this film’s got a cult following as well. 

6. Rush (2013)

This film, based on a true story, is worth a watch. The movie depicts the true rivalry between Formula One drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt, where Hemsworth plays the latter character and garnered positive reviews for his performance. 

7. Thor: Ragnarok

This list couldn’t have been completed without mentioning this film. Yeah, we know the film is yet to be released but when he effortlessly entertained us in ‘Thor’, we are sure as shit that he will do the same this time as well. And he’s teaming up with the Hulk! The HULK!

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