Jul 042014

Five English PL players figure on Twitter`s top 10 list

London: Five English Premier League Players figure in Twitter`s list of top 10 most followed players in the FIFA World Cup 2014.

According to the Dailystar, Chelsea`s Oscar saw 428 percent growth in followers while Spurs player, Paulinho`s following rose by 300 percent.

The micro-blogging platform listed Oscar Junior from Chelsea club at the second position followed by Paulinho from Tottenham Hotspur at the fourth. Fernandinho from Manchester United Club stood seventh in the list and Ramires and Willian from Chelsea finished at the ninth and tenth positions respectively.

The country that came first with its players amassing most number of followers on Twitter was Italy followed by Iran.

The top tem players are:

1. Paul Pogba

2. Oscar

3. Pirlo

4. Paulinho

5. Bernard Duarte

6. Manuel Neuer

7. Fernandinho

8. Luis Gustavo

9. Ramires

10. Willian


First Published: Friday, July 04, 2014, 15:33

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