Feb 222018

Halle Berry and Daniel Craig are two names that need no introduction. Not today, not tomorrow…never. What they deserve, or should we say command, is our respect for their impeccable acting skills and a great line-up of movies. And this recently dropped trailer of ‘Kings’ is proof that I am not exaggerating. However, it looks like people have different thoughts about it.

Director Deniz Gamze Ergüven has brought under one roof, two of the most powerful actors the world has ever seen and we are glad she did. For those wondering who Deniz is, she is a Turkish director known for her Oscar-nominated debut movie ‘Mustang’.

Check Out The Trailer Of Daniel Craig & Halle Berry Starrer 'Kings'© maven pictures

While her debut movie was nominated for the Oscars, ‘Kings’ despite having a powerful cast and a good storyline, seems to have either struck a wrong chord with the audience or it didn’t strike anything at all. Otherwise, how else does one justify ‘Kings’ getting 4.7% rating on IMDb and 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? It’s really strange but true. 

Check Out The Trailer Of Daniel Craig & Halle Berry Starrer 'Kings'©  maven pictures

This seems to be a new low for any Halle Berry or Daniel Craig movie we have ever seen. Was the storyline not good enough for people? Don’t know. Was the acting flawed? Maybe. Will the fan base build up in a couple of days? Not sure.

But, you have to see the trailer yourself to decide whether this movie is worth your time or not. Because I like this trailer!

The movie touches base with the gruesome 1992 Los Angeles riots. Halle Berry plays the matriarch of the family. She already has eight children living in her house and plans to bring in more and give them a decent life and best home possible. Craig is her next door neighbor who is initially cranky and the only white man in the locality which is primarily said to be inhabited by African Americans. 

With racial tension on the rise, Berry and Craig come together to bring home her kids safely. The riots happen after some police officers were found not guilty, despite a video footage that showed them beating up an unarmed Africa American man.    

‘Kings’ has already premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and is expected to hit the theatres on April 27.

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