May 102018

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was a masterpiece, no doubt about that. After all, it has been almost two weeks since it was released and here we are still talking about it, and we probably will until the next Avengers movie comes out next year.

Remember that meme about it being the biggest, most ambitious cross-over yet? If you have watched the movie, you know it wasn’t an exaggeration. The movie brought so many brilliant actors together and tied all the characters together perfectly, and when you have such incredible actors, you know they’re going to give everything they have, way more than just coming in and delivering their lines.

Drax Improvised The Funniest Line In 'Infinity War'

We already know that so many actors, who are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like to improvise their lines and ‘Infinity War’ was no different.

Last week, we got to know that Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man, came up with the most heartbreaking line in the entire movie himself. You know what I’m talking about – “I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark. I don’t want to go, please I don’t want to go Mr. Stark. I am sorry, Tony, I am sorry.”

Drax Improvised The Funniest Line In 'Infinity War'

Okay, brb. Need to cry first for just reliving this moment.

Now that I’m all cried out, let’s try to lighten the mood and look at some of the most hilarious lines in the movie, actually one particular line. We have already listed our favourite dialogues from the movie, and obviously “why is Gamora?” was a part of it.

But, the best line from the movie just got even better. But before we go further, we need to relive this one.

Drax Improvised The Funniest Line In 'Infinity War'

Peter Quill: “I’m gonna ask you this one time: Where is Gamora?”

Tony Stark: “Yeah, I’ll do you one better. Who is Gamora?”

Drax: “I’ll do you one better. Why is Gamora?”

And, this was followed by the entire theatre laughing. It turns out this was completely improvised by Dave Bautista aka Drax and my love for Drax just increased right now.

In an interview with Yahoo, ‘Infinity War’s two screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely revealed that Bautista completely ad-libbed the line, prompting Markus to recall, “OK, you’re very good at your job.”

Drax Improvised The Funniest Line In 'Infinity War'

Good job, Drax. Also, side note, if they don’t bring him back, I will start my own Infinity War with Marvel.

Now, if it turns out “I am Steve Rogers” was improvised, I will die.

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