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In every single way, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is on a level that no one can truly match. A former wrestler, he’s now one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and he made that transition flawlessly. Even though his days as a professional wrestler has probably prepared him for all kinds of stunts, he still sometimes needs help, and he gets by with a little help from his family. Actually, a cousin – who could be his twin – to be exact.

When the stunts in his movies get a little too much for even The Rock to handle, then steps in Tanoai Reed, a Hawaiian-born Hollywood stunt performer. Since Tanoai is Johnson’s cousin, that really says something about the gene pool, doesn’t it?

Gettin’ my double on!

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Tanoai Reed calls his cousin DJ, and I have to admit that’s a cool nickname. Why don’t more people call him that? Okay, maybe ‘The Rock’ sounds really cool as it is. Tanoai admitted that he is an avid follower of his cousin’s movie career, and is behind a lot of the stunts in his blockbuster movies.

While talking to UNILAD, he said, “Working with DJ was literally a dream come true. We only first met on the set of his first starring role movie The Scorpion King. Before that, I admit I was a huge fan of his and was actually “The Rock” for Halloween the year before I started working with him.”

Tanoai has been in the game for a really long time and has racked up an impressive 23 years as a professional stuntman. Moreover, he has been doubling for The Rock for the past 16 years as well. Now, that’s a long partnership. I can’t imagine The Rock backing down from anything – after all he was a professional wrestler before his smooth transition into acting – but at least his cousin has his back.

I’d like to wish the most realist, down to earth, humble, talented ( and almost as handsome as me), brother from another mother, my Uce Deuce Dwayne “DJ” @therock Johnson a very happy and blessed 45th birthday! I hope I look as good as you when I turn 45 in a year and a half😉. Thank you for being a great example not only to myself, but to all of the Polynesian youth, as well as every youth, woman and grown ass man from all over the world! ðŸ™?ðŸ?½May the good Lord bless you with many more happy years to keep inspiring and sharing your Mana with the world! 🎂💪ðŸ?½ðŸ’“🤙ðŸ?½

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This beautiful partnership started back in 2002, when Tanoai doubled for Johnson on the set of ‘The Scorpion King’, and has now lasted for almost two decades. It can also be thanks to the uncanny resemblance between the two, and obviously their physical fitness, which quite evidentally runs in the family. And, as if that wasn’t enough, both of them also have matching traditional tattoos which they got back in the nineties to honour their rich heritage of Samoan and Norwegian, Swedish and Irish descent.

FBF to 12 years ago getting our tattoos. We both took turns, each doing 10hr. sessions back to back over the course of a couple days. 💉⚡�👊�

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Tanoai has worked with Johnson on Faster, The Other Guys, Pain & Gain, San Andreas, Be Cool, Gridiron Gang, the Fast & Furious franchise and Baywatch.

It has been a long partnership, but not a smooth one; back in 2003 Tanoai shattered his ankle while completing a dangerous stunt in The Rundown, which involved tumbling down a cliff side. Recalling that, he said, “Being a stuntman had its ups and downs (no pun intended) but overall I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. We get paid to crash cars, jump off buildings and do other things most people wouldn’t normally get to do.”

Working on our Cirque du Soleil performance @stuntmanjae

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While we try to keep up with the Kardashians, Reed has to religiously keep up with The Rock. He said, “I have to stay in shape to double him. If he leans out, I need to lean out. If he packs on muscle for a certain role, I must do the same. I also need to be in great physical shape to perform the stunts I do so I won’t get injured. We both have great genetics so our physiques are similar.”

He added, “DJ eats very clean and works out very hard to achieve his look. It’s a great challenge for me, but it’s my career. He motivates me and supports me as well. Lots of love and respect between the two of us.”

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