Jan 192018

Despite wrapped under the garb of undying controversies, we are finally inching closer to the release of ‘Padmaavat’, which will now hit the theatres on January 25. And it seems that director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is now compensating for the lost time when he couldn’t promote his movie, by bombarding us with back to back promos that are making the wait for this movie harder than ever.  

Padmaavat promo 2Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

It was only a few hours ago when we saw the kickass dialogue promo, where Ranveer Singh aka Alauddin Khilji was seen declaring about the Khilji Dynasty’s dream to rule the world. As we speak about Khilji’s challenge, we see Rajput king Maharawal Ratan Singh slowly taking over the frame and giving the most fitting and fearless response to the ‘mad king’ and his army.

Padmaavat promo 2Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

While that was possibly the best 30 seconds of the day; by the looks of these teasers and promos we don’t think this sheer brilliance and our excitement is going to die down anytime soon. As we speak about the valour and courage of Ratan Singh and the Rajput community, who not only challenged Khilji but fought them bravely too; let’s not forget about the fearless goddess Queen Rani Padmavati.

Padmaavat promo 2Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Despite being targeted numerous times for taking up the role of Rani Padmavati, there are no doubts that this role was probably meant only for Deepika. The conviction with which she plays the strong and fearless queen is remarkable and this promo only proves the same.   

The makers of ‘Padmaavat’ have just dropped a major promo that showcases Deepika in all her glory, which gives us an insight into her bravery, courage and royal character. Just like Ranveer owned the previous promo like a true boss, Deepika stole the show with this one. 

[Video] The fearless and powerful Rani Padmavati is coming to the big screen in 6 days!!â?¤ï¸?🙌ðŸ?½ðŸ™ŒðŸ?½ Retweet if you love Deepika’s new dialogue trailer #Padmaavat pic.twitter.com/kihX72YRIr

— Deepika Padukone FC (@DeepikaPFC) 19 January 2018

While we were recuperating from this promo and were left gasping for air, ‘Padmaavat’ makers dropped another promo on us that shows the amazing chemistry between Deepika and Shahid. Their first encounter in a jungle and Padmavati saving him, the two are literally setting the frame on fire with all that hotness. Deepika’s fierce and headstrong avatar is what making us drool over her beauty and go weak in our knees. 


As we are nearing the release date, fresh controversies are brewing up, but honestly after the release of these promos, the wait for the release has become tougher than ever. 

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