Feb 202018

Whether or not you liked ‘Padmaavat’, you can’t help but agree that Ranveer Singh’s performance was one of his best and finest. The fact that despite being the villain, he managed to steal the limelight from the hero and the heroine, says a lot about him as an actor and we can all agree that no one else could do it better than him.

Chunky Panday's Nephew Ahaan Panday Is Trying To Channel His Inner 'Khalibali' Ranveer© Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions

Safe to say that his portrayal of Alauddin Khilji earned him massive respect in the industry along with a whole new set of fans which happens to include Chunky Panday’s nephew- Ahaan Panday.

Super fun with @superdryindia, thank you to the whole team for having me yesterday, great energy.

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You might or might not know anything about him but we can declare one thing- the youngster is a social media star. Who else has only 16 posts on Instagram with 164K followers?

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He has been taking social media by storm with his selfies and photo shoots but recently, it’s his dance moves which have caught our attention.

Ahaan was out partying with his friends during which he tried to channel his inner ‘Khilji’.

By dancing to the hit song ‘Khalibali’ in pure Ranveer Singh-style, Ahaan’s videos have gone viral over the internet in no time.

Have a look:

Update: 🎥 One song that is playing in all the clubs and parties these days is our hero @ranveersingh ‘s #Khalibali ðŸ˜?💥🕺ðŸ?½ @ahaanpandayy dancing to it tonight in Mumbai. ðŸ˜?â?£ï¸? #ranveersingh #alauddinkhilji #khalibali

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Now we can’t exactly declare him the next Ranveer of the industry but we’ve got to give it to him for his intense expressions and his passionate dancing.

Update:2🎥 Got everyone jammin through the night to #Khalibali @ahaanpandayy 💥🔥🕺� #ranveersingh #aluddinkhilji #padmaavat #khalibali

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But if you still feel like comparing the two, here is the original song:

We are genuinely hoping that these videos of Ahaan reach Ranveer too. He sure as hell should know about this fan boy of his. Who knows, we might even see the duo together in a movie soon. A fan can only dream.

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