Nov 082017

Remember the time when pecks on the lips and intimate wrist-twisting scenes in Bollywood movies were discussed with passionate sighs and curiosity? College-going youngsters and couples would hit the screens just to watch that one particular scene and then obsess about it for almost a month. 

Enter Emraan Hashmi who was christened as the kissing star of Bollywood and suddenly, locking lips was not so much as a forbidden act, at least in the movies. Presently, a passionate kiss in a movie might curl the toes of some, but to the majority it’s not a big deal anymore. Boy, we have come a long way, haven’t we?  

Bollywood's First Kissing Scene Was Shot 84-Years-Ago© Twitter/EHfans

Interestingly, we are quite confident you are lacking in your ‘kissing history’ and we bet you have no idea when the first kissing scene took place on Indian celluloid and who were the two daredevils who took that bold step. Well, we are here to educate you!  

It all happened 84 years ago when actress Devika Rani, in 1933, filmed the first lip lock scene that ran for almost 4 minutes and enough to leave anyone breathless.

Bollywood's First Kissing Scene Was Shot 84-Years-Ago

If Emraan Hashmi is considered a sex symbol in B-town, then Devika was the one who started this bold trend. The first ever kissing scene was shot between Devika and her husband-actor Himanshu Rai in ‘Karma’. 

And we thought that it all started just a few years ago! While such scenes were not common during that time, it was shot almost 8 decades ago and is said to be one of the longest kissing scenes till date in a Hindi film. 

Bollywood's First Kissing Scene Was Shot 84-Years-Ago

Devika was a popular face during that time and was known as the ‘First lady of Indian cinema’ who ruled the 30’s in the Hindi film industry. This long kissing scene wasn’t actually a part of any romantic or an intimate scene but was the heroine’s way of trying to recover her unconscious man by kissing him senseless. Well, now you know what to do when someone gets knocked out!

 ‘Karma’ was an Indian talkie film but was later released in Hindi with a different name, ‘Nagan Ki Ragini’. Quite an interesting name, we much say! Even though the duo were married to each other, shooting such scenes during that era was indeed considered bold.

Check out the first ever Bollywood passionate lip-lock below: 

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