Oct 182017

From hogging food and sweets to dressing our best, Diwali brings the best out in everyone. But this family bonding session is incomplete without some comfort viewing! And to make this day extra special we bring a list of some feel-good shows that you can binge-watch with your entire family and build some memories. 

1. Modern Family 

Family-Friendly Dramas To Binge Watch This Diwali© ABC

Despite their vastly contrasting personalities and endless squabbling, they have each other’s backs. ‘Modern Family’ is a lot like our own crazy families. Whether it’s escaping their chaotic extended family, dating troubles or collaborating on adventurous escapades, this family has their priorities in order. This show makes for perfect family viewing with its hysterical comedy! 

2. This is Us 

Family-Friendly Dramas To Binge Watch This Diwali© NBC

This comedy/drama makes for a good dose of retrospection, not scared of delving into the intricacies of familial ties. The series is all about breaking the conventional boundaries that define a sibling relationship and build a meaningful friendship. It’s about childhood dynamics and how it still impacts our lives. The spirited threesomes are here to ask those hard-hitting questions that we’re all afraid of! 

3. Stranger Things 

Family-Friendly Dramas To Binge Watch This Diwali© Netflix

This Netflix original isn’t your regular family drama but takes you on the journey of a mother’s worst nightmare to the resilience of those who cling to hope. The perfect blend of an 80s movie, it tells a poignant tale of childhood friendships. The residents of Hawkins, Indiana find themselves on the same page when they have to join forces to kill the Demogorgon. It’s an intriguing story will definitely keep you hooked to the edge of your seats! 

4. The Middle 

Family-Friendly Dramas To Binge Watch This Diwali© ABC

This show is all about the adventures of a middle-class family as they attempt to survive life in Indiana. The show is not laugh-out-loud funny but manages to surprise you in tender and whimsical ways. Their problems are very identifiable that each one of us can totally relate with. From juggling work, marriage and children to struggling through the grapples of adolescence, ‘The Middle’ has it all.

5. Fuller House 

Family-Friendly Dramas To Binge Watch This Diwali© Netflix

Who doesn’t remember the 90s ‘Full House’? In a continuation of the series, where DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy and Kimmy’s daughter move into the house to help DJ raise her sons. This heartfelt show is rife with moments that teach us what’s really important in life. The cheesy humour of the show works for its characters in sunny San Francisco. This Netflix spin-off is definitely one to watch with the kids in your house!

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