Nov 052017

Yay! Today is eviction day and we can’t wait with evil glee to see someone getting kicked out of the Bigg Boss house. Who is that one person who didn’t entertain us enough? Who is that one contestant who couldn’t garner enough votes from the audience and who is that one person who is all set to make an exit from the most talked house of the nation tonight?

Well, there was a buzz that Sabyasachi Satpathy was the one to bid goodbye tonight. But a source has just confirmed to MensXP that it’s not the former but Dhinchak Pooja who will be making a ‘rapchik’ exit from the Salman Khan show.

Sabyasachi Bigg Boss(c) Colors

Good news for Sabya fans but a disappointing one for Pooja’s. From getting a wildcard entry opportunity to nominating herself and saving Arshi, looks like Pooja dug a grave for herself and royally fell into it.

Contestants in the house can enjoy Sabya’s tasty meal for a week more, but it’s about time he gets active because you can’t get lucky every time. We wonder what made the makers of the show to retain him from getting evicted. Maybe they have a different plan for him.

Pooja bigg Boss(c) colors

“Pooja had a chance but somewhere she missed it. She could have saved herself but she didn’t which led to her getting evicted. Viewers would have liked watching her but she did nothing to entertain them and received fewer votes,” said the source.

Well, Pooja did her bit when she entered the house. She TRIED to rap and sure that was worth a few laughs. But she lacked giving that entertainment dose that the viewers are used to watching.

Bigg Boss(c) colors

From making everyone go crazy about her lice problem to not performing the task, she did manage to grab the limelight for a couple of days. But that’s it! We cringed when she prepared a rap on the members of the house and laughed when Salman Khan made her sing her latest single ‘Afreen Bewafa’, but this wasn’t enough!

Now that Pooja is eliminated, we are sure Arshi will get all emo and grab all the limelight acting guilty. But then being her true self, we are sure she will be back to playing dirty. But we hope Pooja soon comes up with a new song describing her ‘Bigg Boss’ experience which will undoubtedly go viral.


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