Oct 112017

Bigg Boss 11 is doing just what it promised by giving us the much-required entertainment dose every night. You might not like the filthy fights but you just can’t ignore the show for whatsoever reasons.

The royal task of pursuing King Hiten is the main agenda in the house at present. Both Arshi and Shilpa are fighting their best as queens to chase the emperor. But there is a lot more cooking inside the BB house. We are warning you not to miss tonight’s episode as we promise you guaranteed entertainment!

Bigg Boss 11 Is Set To Witness Its Messiest Fight Tonight© Bigg Boss_Colors

The big fight is finally here and it is going to get pretty dirty. You won’t just witness one spat but a double dose of drama tonight. As the house welcomes new days, the temper level rises too with Arshi getting into a vulgar fight with both Sapna and Mehjabi.

Giving us an insight into what to expect, a close source from the Bigg Boss team shared an exciting snippet of information with us.

Playing the queen’s role, Arshi will be seen daydreaming about her wedding with Hiten and Sapna will bash her thoughts into bits by passing a sneaky remark. Arshi will eventually demean Sapna calling her a ‘Nacchnewali’ and that’s how the lightning will strike. Using Arshi’s own technique, Sapna will follow her around the house singing all the while…coming up with some original lyrics. Well Arshi, what goes around comes around!  

But even for a while, if you thought Sapna was the calm one, you are totally going to see her in a new avatar. She will share her intentions that she is all set to get physical when the time comes. And here we thought she was a cute lil’ kitten!

Bigg Boss 11 Is Set To Witness Its Messiest Fight Tonight© Bigg Boss_Colors

Nevertheless, Sapna isn’t the only one having a hard time dealing with Arshi. Joining the list now is Mehjabi. She will reveal how Arshi’s language and actions are creating negativity in the house. Things will get beyond control and Mehjabi will give a warning asking her to stay in her limits or the consequences of it will be beyond her imagination.

Now where is a tall glass of water when you need one? Oh this is going to be a scorcher indeed. Can’t wait to see what Arshi does this time to piss off the other contestants!

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