Dec 072017

From scandalous hullabaloos to unpredicted controversies, Bigg Boss is our perfect dose of drama and fans totally love it!

Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Akash Dadlani, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan are often in the news for some or the other banter they create every now and then. However, it is Akash’s crazy antics that are beyond anyone’s imagination. The repartee never stops but at times things go out of hand.

So what’s new that has created buzz? A video of so-called rapper Akash Dadlani, popularly known as “Dadlani Khandaan ka boojha hua chirag”, forcefully kissed one of the most popular and loved contestants Shilpa Sinde.

Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani Forcefully Kisses Shilpa Shinde© Colors

Maintaining his streak of pushing things forward, he didn’t stop there, he also said, “Kya karegi, haan? Kya karegi? (What will you do?), which clearly made Shilpa really angry.

Taklaani did it twice!

— The Reality Shows ↩ (@TheRealityShows) December 6, 2017

Angry as hell Shilpa hit back asking him to stay away and never to talk to her again. “Bahut maar khaega, thappad khaega abhi. Mujhe nahi baat karna.” And it is surprising to see that all this happened while Puneesh was there, but the man decided to just watch the show that was unfolding before his eyes.

However, Akash didn’t stop here and tried to Kiss Shilpa once again in the kitchen, making her furious.

#BB11 Taklaani crosses Limit again!
Shilpa bashed him badly after this.

— The Reality Shows ↩ (@TheRealityShows) December 6, 2017

Looking at all this, of course Twitter lost it and people started slamming him. Some called this as sexual harassment, while many have even asked Bigg Boss makers and Salman Khan to evict Akash from the game right now. The rage is so huge that #EvictAkashDadlani and #JusticeForShilpa is trending on Twitter. In fact Vindu Dara Singh, season 3 winner of BB also tweeted in support of Shilpa. Check out the reactions:

AKASH is not aware voting lines r CLOSED!
Hum toh bahut pehle seh keh rahe theh ki he will CREATE a CONTROVERSY b4 he EXITS!
“Tum HINDUSTAN Main ho” @BeingSalmanKhan to #YoBro
Reminds me of d movie PINK!
There is a difference between HARMLESS TOUCHES & FORCEFUL KISSES #BB11

— Vindu Dara Singh (@RealVinduSingh) December 6, 2017



I FEEL SO DISTURBED EVEN WATCHING IT. IMAGINE HOW #ShilpaShinde MUST BE FEELING💔💔#EvictAkash #EvictAkashDadlani #EvictTaklani #BB11 #BIGGBOSS11 @BeingSalmanKhan

— Abhishek Agrawal (@coolestabhi14) December 6, 2017

#Shilpa Warned Him in THE VERY Morning (Video) #Akash is AGAIN at it In NIGHT @BiggBoss team Paused WHAT DID SHILPA SAY TO HIM – #Disclosed

Then He’s saying –
Kyaaa karr legi HAHAAHAA

RETWEET to help reaching it to @BeingSalmanKhan#BB11  #BiggBoss11@SumitkadeI @isalilsand

— Sunny Gupta ï¸?🇮🇳 (@ImSunny25) December 6, 2017

He call her maa
Do he kiss his mother also in same intention nd on lips.

Ise secret room nHi real jail me dalo

It’s btr to quit watching @BiggBoss then to see such kind of disrespectful things#BB11 #BB11onVoot #shilpa@RealKruti101 @HerdHUSH @Im_ShilpaShinde @shilpa_shindey

— Mayank Arora (@arora_mayank_) December 5, 2017

I can see her total dis comfort. You can force any woman this much to forgive you. It’s a shame, you’re molesting her. #JusticeForShilpa #BB11 #ShilpaShinde

— Yash (@yashlovedrashti) December 6, 2017

Akash is A Creep & Thanks to his Supporters he managed to stay in #BB11 this long after His Antics wid Lucinda Nicolas
To get Back for his Insult on #WeekendKaVaar he Forced himself on #ShilpaShinde in #BiggBoss11
Shameful To Support Such Crap 😣 @EndemolShineIND #EvictAkash

— 💥 bOoM 💥 (@unshed_tearz) December 6, 2017

#evictakash @BiggBoss please take some action against this idiot … you cannot allow harrasment because of trp issues @ColorsTV

— ZAYNSTER (@zaynf0rlife) December 6, 2017

. @ColorsTV @BiggBoss Just for the sake of TRP you cant allow this in the show, a women is getting molested on national television, this moron #Akash is repeatedly tormenting  #Shilpa . Akash should be kicked out of the show immediately @BeingSalmanKhan  #BiggBoss11

— Sumit kadel (@SumitkadeI) December 6, 2017

Shilpa is telling him again & again don’t touch or kiss her
But he didn’t stop
The way he touched her makes her feel uncomfortable I can see that!
It’s clear cut physical harassment @EndemolShineIND @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan #BB11

— ShilpaShindeSquad💥 (@ShilpaSquad) December 6, 2017

#JusticeForShilpa No men can touch women without her permission when she said No it’s means #No #EvictAkashDadlani he kissed her without her consent…#BB11 #MTVExtraDose @ColorsTV @HerdHUSH @BeingSalmanKhan @RealKruti101

— Shilpaholic 💕 (@DjArjita) December 6, 2017

This pervert akash is sexually harassing Shilpa by forcefully kissing her touching her, is this okay with you @biggboss ? PLS INTERVENE #EvictAkash #bb11

— Zoya (@izoyamalik) December 6, 2017

First Lucinda and now Shilpa, Akash is surely in great trouble! What’s left to see is what will the makers and Salman Khan do? Let us know what you think of Akash’s recent behaviour.

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