Nov 262017

When it comes to the Bigg Boss house, we all have our favourites. But one contestant whom you just can’t ignore is Arshi Khan. Love her or hate her, she is one hell of a woman who has got the entire nation’s tongues wagging.

‘Awaam jaanti hai’, that Arshi is the most entertaining contestant. The two words that come to our mind to describe her are fearless and wild. There is no one who hasn’t judged her but she doesn’t care about what others think. She is here to play a game and is clearly excelling in it.

Arshi Khan (c) Colors

From being questioned about her character to being slut-shamed, she has faced it all within a very little time, but nothing can lower down her spirit. She continues to be who she is and never fails to surprise you.

While she has been hearing comments from Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma, she stayed true to her words and did exactly as promised. Just a few days ago she mentioned that she can walk in a towel around the house if she feels like. And she just did it!

Arshi Khan (c) Colors

But guess who actually made it happen? No one other than A-Cash! Akash Dadlani reminded her of what she said and literally made her do what she said on the national television.

Stepping out of the bathroom in just a yellow towel, wrapped around her body, she roamed around the house. As expected everyone was shocked and the expression that we saw on everyone’s face was just priceless. It was interesting to see the prank that Arshi and Akash came up with. 

Arshi Khan(c) Colors

Check out Arshi going all bold and raising the temperature in the house with her sultry avatar! Boy, she is going to stay for a very, very long time in this game, we just know it.

Akash Dadlani & Arshi Khan play a prank in the house! Will the housemates fall prey to it? Tune in at 10:30 PM to find out! #BB11

— COLORS (@ColorsTV) November 24, 2017


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