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Despite giving her 100% on the show, Arshi Khan is disappointed with her sudden eviction from ‘Bigg Boss 11’. The not-so-commoner speaks her heart out in this interaction

Bigg Boss 11‘ has witnessed sudden and shocking evictions in the last two weeks. Hiten Tejwani’s ouster left his fans heart-broken. This week called out for ‘begum’ Arshi Khan‘s eviction. This not-so-commoner contestant made her mark in the house for her carefree attitude and has garnered many fans, along with detractors. In an exclusive interview with mid-day online, she revealed how disappointed she is with her dismissal from the show. Though Arshi boasts about being a straight-forward person, her answers seemed vice versa. From Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan to Vikas Gupta, she revealed the equation she shares with every inmate.

Excerpts from the interview below:

Arshi Khan
Arshi Khan

After spending 12 weeks in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, how does it feel to see the outside world? Are you missing the house?
I am not liking it outside the house. I thought after spending 12 weeks, I will definitely enter the 15th week. I’d hoped of entering the finale episode in my beautiful designer wear. Even people would have got to watch more of me. Talking about other contestants, be it Puneesh (Sharma), Akash (Dadlani), Luv (Tyagi) and Priyank (Sharma), they all came before me and are still there. So, somewhere, yes, I’m feeling bad that after playing the game so well, I got evicted after the 12th week.

Will you follow the show?
Yes, I’m following ‘Bigg Boss 11’ and will do it because I want to see what twists and turns take place in the house. Especially, I want to see how Vikas (Gupta) is playing the game. I really wanted to reach the finale, and I tried my level best for it.

What do you think is the reason behind your eviction?
I don’t know why it happened. Even I’ve failed to understand the reason behind my eviction. I gave my 100% to the show. In fact, I’ve just been nominated once under the eviction poll. The sudden eviction is difficult to fathom. Never had I thought that I would bid adieu to the show so early. And all that I have seen after coming out of the show is that people have really appreciated and wanted to see more of me. As far as I know, my voting was no less than Shilpa Shinde’s but equal to what she received. I don’t believe that I’ve received such less votes.

Has it got to do something with your pending court case, where you painted India and Pakistan’s flag on your body and didn’t appear in the court?
No, there’s no truth to all this. There’s no arrest warrant issued in my name. In fact, after leaving the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, I did another show ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’. So, there’s no court case, no hearing and I don’t think I did that big a crime.

Which is your biggest blunder in ‘Bigg Boss 11’ which you would regret always?
I’ve done many blunders on the show. I would just say anything. So, there are so many things that I’ve said jokingly. I don’t think I can even count the mistakes I made.

What is your equation with Shilpa Shinde?
She has been a good friend and we’ve had a great relationship. But later things turned sour as she wanted me to just be her tail whereas I wanted to walk with her and not behind her. For instance, Hina Khan would be alone and I would like to feed her. I wanted to equally be with both of them. However, there came a time that I got really tired and gave up. On one hand, Shilpa needed me and the other hand, Hina also needed my support. I had become such a huge factor in the house that everybody wanted my support. Be it Akash, or Vikas, who’s now indeed a very close friend of mine. Priyank, Luv, Puneesh. So, I got entangled in these relationships because until the end I did not want to hurt anyone’s sentiments or hearts. There was a relation created with every member in the house. One must have seen that I would mingle around with everyone. At times, I’m seen hugging Priyank, hitting Luv. So, I loved staying with everyone.

Do you think with your exit, Vikas Gupta will not be able to play the game? Why did you say that after your eviction Vikas would be ruined now?
Yes, and I even cried a lot. Vikas has stayed true to the friendship we share. I’ve spent a lovely time with him in the house. And at the end ‘Bigg Boss’ gave me the charge of sending someone to semi finale and I’ve sent him. He’s a clean-hearted guy, what’s in his heart is on his face. The eviction did not hurt me as much as leaving Vikas’ sight from the house.

Do you think Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma’s fight was fake?
No, the fight wasn’t fake. It actually happened for real because Priyank didn’t want Vikas to stay with me and Vikas wanted to. So, the entire fight revolved around me. Fights in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house would start in the name of Arshi. Priyank said that she (Arshi) isn’t a good person, speaks rubbish but Vikas was stern. He said however she is, she’s a friend. He even had a fight with Hiten because of me that why he chose Arshi over him. To which Hiten said that she is deserving, therefore I chose her. So, yes, there were fights and I tried mending the fences between them. In fact, I mended many of the relationships inside. Now let’s see how far these friendships or relationships move.

Who do you want to win and who do you think will won?
Vikas Gupta will definitely win the show.

Did you miss Hiten after his eviction?
I missed him a lot. Not in terms of flirting with him but genuinely. Because it was Vikas, him and me, who spoke valid points and thought good. Vikas and me, both of us really missed his presence. I even said on camera that I miss him. I even cried a lot when he was eliminated. We tend to miss friends when you’ve stayed together in a house for such a long time.

Any plans on meeting Hiten and other evicted contestants?
Yes, I will definitely meet Hiten. He is in Goa currently. Hopefully, we’ll meet in the finale too. Once my interviews are done, I’ll meet everyone.

Didn’t you fear that the attitude you showed in the house wouldn’t work in your favour?
I am what I am. I won’t change for anything or anyone.

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