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Oh, Mark, you just couldn’t help it, could you?

Before we get into how Mark Ruffalo actually spoiled the movie last year, there are obviously spoilers in this article, it goes without saying, but still consider this as a disclaimer. And, if you haven’t watched ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ yet, then you should be ashamed of yourself. 

Okay, for all of us who’ve watched it already, let’s get back to talking about this great movie. I think everyone would agree that the ending was totally heart-wrenching, even if it wasn’t that unexpected. During the tragic climax, we lost so many superheroes. Actually, we saw a lot of characters die throughout the movie, but it was that last moment where everyone was disintegrating one by one that got the most gasps (and tears, probably).

Mark Ruffalo Gave A Huge 'Infinity War' Spoiler Last Year

Black Panther, Spider Man, Doctor Strange, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, Groot, Nick Fury and Maria Hill – all died, or ceased to exist, as my brother likes to put it, but we know they’re all not actually dead, simply because of the string of franchises in the future.

While we were aware that we would see many characters die in this movie, no one expected the list to be that long. It’s actually quite impressive how Marvel was able to keep everything a secret until the movie, especially considering they had two of the most untrustworthy characters playing significant roles. Yes, I’m talking about Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo, of course.

Mark Ruffalo Gave A Huge 'Infinity War' Spoiler Last Year

While Tommy was able to stop himself from giving away spoilers with a little bit help from his friend, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark wasn’t so lucky to have him on his side. But, at least he was a little lucky since when he gave out the biggest spoiler ever, and no one even believed him.

Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle’s interview with Good Morning America from last year has become really relevant again now that the movie is out and yes, Mark really couldn’t help himself from giving out a major spoiler. Classic old Mark, tbh.

Mark Ruffalo Gave A Huge 'Infinity War' Spoiler Last Year

In the video, they are talking about the then-upcoming movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ which leads to Mark joking around and revealing what happens in the movie after that, which was ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

When Don Cheadle warns him after saying “I wouldn’t say too much”, Mark goes on to sum it up by saying, “Every other Marvel movie, it doesn’t end well for the superheroes.”

Then, when the interviewer agrees, Mark proceeds to make a giant goof up and says, “Wait till you see the next one, everybody dies.” Looks like revealing the biggest spoiler of the biggest Marvel movie ever doesn’t matter to Mark. The most hilarious part, though, is Don’s alarmed “D-DUDE!”

Mark Ruffalo Gave A Huge 'Infinity War' Spoiler Last Year

Obviously, Mark realizes his mistake and tries to cover up with “not everybody” and then asks if they can rewind that part and cut it out. At some point you would think that maybe Mark is joking (he wasn’t though, and we know for sure now) but then his minor freak out seems so genuine.

Uh oh, @DonCheadle, is @MarkRuffalo going to get in trouble with @MarvelStudios now!? #InfinityWar #D23expo

— Good Morning America (@GMA) July 16, 2017

The video was posted in July and at that point everyone thought it was a joke, otherwise it wouldn’t have been posted.

Mark Ruffalo Gave A Huge 'Infinity War' Spoiler Last Year

— ASHANTI (@clifftothemound) July 16, 2017

Yes, we all still do.

But I would need therapy if it does happen 😟😣😥

— R. (@Jasdannia) July 16, 2017

Yes, no one knew at that moment that we’ll all be personally victimized by Marvel like this, but we thought even Mark didn’t know. We’ve heard before that apparently Mark didn’t even get the whole script of ‘Infinity War’ since he’s always been known to accidentally reveal spoilers.

So, what is the truth?

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