Sep 262017

‘Newton’ is all set to be India’s official entry into Oscars. The movie deals with a topic that is ignored but is very important , and stars the brilliant Rajkummar Rao in the lead.

It could be a scene from a brilliant movie, or an innocent line like ‘Aao kabhi haveli par’, but in the eyes of the meme world on Twitter, all are juicy options to crack jokes. A scene from ‘Newton’ is now going viral for all the funny reasons. The scene in particular which is floating as a meme has Rajkummar saying ‘likh ke dijiye’ to Pankaj Tripathi. You think it’s nothing? LOL.

*Goa plan*
Pic1: when friend says me aaunga pakka
Pic2: me

— Maithun (@Being_Humor) September 25, 2017

This is the story of all Goa trip plans.

Friend : Let’s plan a Goa trip with our school buddies.

Me :

— Appurv Gupta-GuptaJi (@appurv_gupta) September 25, 2017

If you said this to bae, prepare for some flying slaps then.

she: I’ll never fight with you

— ã…¤ ã…¤ (@firkiii) September 24, 2017

For everyone celebrating birthdays during Navaratri.

Friend: Navratri mein Mera birthday hai. Party mein veg rahega. Sabhi doston ko batana hai.

— Subrat Saurabh (@ChickenBiryanii) September 25, 2017

We all have a friend like this.

Friend: Bhai Abhi tu dede mai ghar jake tujhe PayTm karta hu.

— Raj Karki (@bae_wakoof) September 24, 2017

Twitter is a funny place obviously, and if you still haven’t watched the movie, now is a good time to watch it and make your own meme maybe.

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