Jan 042018

Famous as Bollywood’s ‘Nepotism King’, Karan Johar is known for launching B-town kids and giving them the platform to take the plunge into stardom. Godfather of many stars, now KJo is all set to launch Ishaan Khattar and Jhanvi Kapoor.

After introducing Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan & Sidharth Malhotra to the world, he is now gearing up for another two nepotism by-products. And the film has not just one but two star kids who will be making their debut this year. We bet there are many talented youngsters with absolutely no strings, who are struggling in the film line wishing they had someone like KJo to propel their careers.  

Dhadak(c) Dharma

The ‘nepotism’ debate that stirred between Kangana Ranaut and Karan created a lot of smoke with the director getting hurt with the actress’s bold statements. 

Taking a turn from his usual stand of defending himself from charges of nepotism, KJo went on record last year and said that he feels responsible for the kids he is launching and gets very protective of them and takes them under his wing.

The launch of the two star kids sparked a lot of hate tweets on social media. From people saying “kabhie STRUGGLERS ko bhi launch kar” to being quite vehement about disliking the couple, people have been very vocal about the new pair in tinsel town.

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And now daddy KJo is back with some gyaan for his debutants Ishaan and Janhvi. Talking on his radio show, he said:

“It’s a new year which means new beginnings and time for new relationship goals. Dear Jhanvi and Ishaan, you are going to embark on a new journey of stardom this year. You will face many firsts in 2018 from promotion to paparazzi to link-ups and trolling to fame and failures. You are going to see it all. Through all of this, I just want to remind you to not take yourself too seriously and absorb every new experience because these initial days will never come back again. Jhanvi, Ishaan your best qualities are that you all are still students. That you both really stand by your beliefs and the fact that you really don’t take yourself as seriously as I sometimes think you should. I love the fact that you are still vulnerable and innocent, please hold onto that.”

*Slow claps* for the man. How ironic is it! The man who often trolls and publicly makes fun of other actors for being loud about nepotism in the industry is preaching to the newcomers about the same.

Here is a suggestion…try following the same advice you would give to someone else and try making this industry a much better place for other actors too, who are trying to make a name without any big names attached to themselves. 

By the way, any tips for real actors and strugglers……or are the wise words just for nepotism products, Mr. Johar?

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