Jan 042018

What if your dreams were turned into a reality? That would be great right? But what if your worst nightmare turns true and you live every moment of it? Isn’t the thought sh*t scary?

The trailer of the film ‘My Birthday Song’ is all about a nightmare that can drive anyone insane. The title of the movie is quite unusual and interesting and so is this two-minute clip. It all starts with a birthday party of Sanjay Suri which then leads to a sexy lovemaking scene between a sultry looking Nora Fatehi dressed in red and Suri.

But before you start thinking it’s an erotic thriller, you are going to be blown away with what happens next. Every character from the party is brought to light with a different purpose to take the story forward. Just like Suri who is living a nightmare and can’t understand what is happening, we too get engrossed in this psychological drama as well.

'My Birthday Song' Trailer: A Nightmare That Can Drive Anyone Insane© KahwaEntertainment

You have a steamy affair, a murder, plotting but it’s all about the nightmare and mind games.

Helmed by debutant director Samir Soni, the film also stars Zenia Starr. For people who don’t know Suri, he made his debut in 1999 with ‘Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi’ and has been part of various films and television shows, while Nora Fatehi rose to fame after ‘Bigg Boss 9’. The film is set to hit the screens on January 19 and looks like an interesting watch.

Check out the trailer:

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