May 122018

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was truly an emotional journey, the deaths, the defeat(?). It was more than everything we all expected out of the movie that was like a culmination of the last ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

'Infinity War' Directors Answered Most Asked Questions

While it was incredible and truly iconic to see so many superheroes come together for one goal – to somehow defeat Thanos – there was obviously a lit bit of confusion that came with that.

Fans left the theatre needing a little bit of emotional support and a lot of questions, and we are here to answer some of them.

1. Where The Hell Was The Hulk During The Whole Movie?

The Hulk is obviously an integral part of MCU and is also an OG Avenger, but sadly the green angry giant was missing throughout the movie and only made an appearance in the first scene. Yes, the internal war between Bruce Banner and the Hulk was quite hilarious to watch, but we still were hoping for the Hulk to make an entrance at the most crucial time and help out everyone.

But, nope, that didn’t happen. We were all hoping for ‘Hulk smash’, but all we got was apparently ‘Hulk scared’ after the giant purple grape kicked his green ass in the beginning. Only, that’s what we thought, but turns out it’s not really accurate.

'Infinity War' Directors Answered Most Asked Questions

The Russo brothers explained that they wanted to explore the relationship between Bruce Banner and the Hulk a little more. “These two beings don’t like each other and don’t like helping each other,” Joe said. “We thought it would be more interesting to explore Banner as a hero. We thought it would be a more interesting choice to take him down a path where the Hulk is not interested in helping him anymore. That these two have reached an impasse with each other and Banner has to rise to the occasion.”

“I think people have interpreted that Hulk’s scared,” Joe said. “[And] certainly, he’s had his ass kicked before and he loves a good fight, but I think it’s really reflective of the journey from ‘Ragnarok,’ that these two characters are constantly in conflict with each other over control. And I think if Hulk were to say why [he didn’t return in ‘Infinity War’], he’d say, ‘Banner only wants Hulk for fighting’. He’s had enough of saving Banner’s ass.”

'Infinity War' Directors Answered Most Asked Questions

2. Why Are So Many Scenes From The Trailer Not In The Actual Movie?

We’ve already covered a list of scenes from the trailer that never made it into the movie, and I would also like to clarify that all of them are true, even though a lot of people in the comments didn’t believe so. (Go watch the movie again before you come to fight!)

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s come back to the question that actually has a very simple answer. Seems like the makers expected everyone to rip every little scene from the trailer apart and base theories and predictions off it before even watching the movie, so this was done to keep the actual movie kind of a surprise for everyone.


'Infinity War' Directors Answered Most Asked Questions

“That shot that you’re referencing was never in the movie in the version that you saw. It was never even created for the movie in that version. It was literally created in that version for the trailer.” If you couldn’t tell, we’re back to talking about the Hulk here.

They added, “We use all the material that we have at our disposal to create a trailer. We look at the trailer as a very different experience than the movie, and I think audiences are so predictive now that you have to be very smart about how you craft a trailer because an audience can watch a trailer and basically tell you what’s gonna happen in the film. We consume too much content. So at our disposal are lots of different shots that aren’t in the movie that we can manipulate through CG to tell a story that we want to tell specifically for the purpose of the trailer and not for the film.”

'Infinity War' Directors Answered Most Asked Questions

3. How Did They Choose Who Would Survive In ‘Infinity War’?

As much as I would like to avoid talking about that ending, we have to, as it was the most crucial part of the movie. As we all know, Thanos succeeded in collecting all the infinity stones and killed(?) half of the universe.

But, with so many characters all together in one movie, it would have been a very huge and difficult decision to decide who will die – or disintegrate – and who will clearly survive to be a part of the next one for sure. (Yes, there is a big possibility that almost everyone will be back, especially with so many billion-dollar franchises at stake)

'Infinity War' Directors Answered Most Asked Questions

“All of our choices are based on the story,” Anthony explained. “It’s based upon the road that these characters have travelled, in not only this movie, but throughout the entire entity up to this point because, again, these movies are the culmination. So, all we can say is that they are very focused story choices.”

So, it looks like they made a decision to kill off almost everyone but the original Avengers, maybe as a way of letting ‘Avengers 4’ serve as a closing to the original team’s story. But, when asked about this particular point, they only had one word to say – “Interesting”.

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