Aug 202017

Clowns are cute and funny, but only when they are inside our TV screens or in a circus; not when we stay alone and have a clown, wake us up at 3.30 AM with his creepy smile. Honestly, I have nothing against clowns, but thanks to some brilliant movie directors, I can’t look past the image of them staring at us from one corner of a room. While we are discussing clowns, ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ is all set to premiere in the first week of September and its latest teaser is an overdose of scary clowns and bees. If ‘Annabelle: Creation’ wasn’t enough to frighten and scare the sh*t out of us, ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ is all set to creep our senses out. Watch the trailer here.

Reportedly, the co-creator Ryan Murphy earlier reportedly said that the seventh season will focus on 2016’s election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. However, we didn’t get a glimpse of any politician in the frame. All we saw was a montage of clowns, bees, rats, huge spiders, blood stained teeth occult puzzles and trippy sounds effects. Although some might argue that this teaser doesn’t stand close to any horror movie and we should compare it to any movie, but when it comes to creepiness, this movie is on point. If you are brave-heart, then watch out the premiere on September 5.

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