Apr 272018

Superstition is the root problem of India, whether people agree or not. This somewhere holds us back from progressing and achieving what we are really capable of. Trying to cash in on the same issue, we have makers who have just unveiled the trailer for comic-caper ‘3 Dev’.

Bringing together an ensemble star cast of Kay Kay Menon, Karan Singh Grover, Ravi Dubey, and Kunaal Roy Kapur, the film tries hard to crack you up.

'3 Dev' Trailer Brings A Liar, A Thief & A Charsi Together© Twitter

The trailer, which was just launched today, revolves around a believer (Tisca Chopra), an escapist (Kay Kay Menon) who is looking for tenants. Soon, he rents out his rooms to three guys who are described as a liar, a thief and a charsi (Ravi Dubey, Karan Singh Grover, and Kunaal Roy Kapur). Menon’s motive of giving them the room is solely for his advantage. 

Soon we see him turning these con men into Gods, which helps him mint money, as he plays with people’s trust, beliefs, and faith. What happens next forms the whole story.

'3 Dev' Trailer Brings A Liar, A Thief & A Charsi Together© Twitter

The makers try hard to sell the content to you,  but it’s not a flick you would watch shelling out money from your own pocket. Picking a social issue and trying to give it Akshay Kumar’s ‘Oh My God’ vibe, the trailer has nothing that would keep you hooked to the screen.

Kay Kay Menon who is known for his acting disappoints us in the trailer, as the makers fail to do justice to his skills. Karan Singh Grover, on the other hand, is like a mannequin who can’t act. And for the other’s the less we say, the better.

P.S. If this was a web-series, maybe it would have been a lot more appealing!

Check out the trailer here and let us know your views:

Directed by Ankoosh Bhatt, ‘3 Dev’ also stars Raima Sen, Priya Banerjee, Poonam Kaur and Prosenjit and will release on 1st June 2018.

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