Jan 102018

For those who thought that Anushka Sharma mostly chooses happy-go-lucky and bubbly roles, please take a seat because the woman is here to prove you wrong.

We thought she already defied her critics with ‘NH10’ when she played a role so horrifying that we couldn’t even blink. However, some people were still of the view that she hasn’t been opting for diverse roles. But with her upcoming film, we are guessing all these opinions will now go out the window. 

Anushka Sharma Unveils New Spooky Poster Of 'Pari'© Clean Slate Films

‘Pari’ is a supernatural thriller, details of which haven’t been revealed yet. After seeing the posters of the film, some were of the opinion that Anushka will play a ghost in the film, while some say that she will play the character of an abuse victim.

Whatever the case is, our mouths were left open when we saw the first motion poster of the movie that came out only yesterday. 

In case you haven’t seen it, have a look:

We cannot deal with that bloody face and that intense gaze which is looking right into our soul.

She even posted this on her social media accounts with the caption, “Sweet dreams guys”. Y u do dis Anushka?

Sweet dreams guys… #HoliWithPari https://t.co/aMePVg992G

— Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) January 9, 2018

And just when we thought Anushka was done with these spooky little teasers of the movie, she went ahead and revealed another poster which is possibly the scariest out of the lot. 

Anushka Sharma Unveils New Spooky Poster Of 'Pari'© Clean Slate Films

Along with unveiling these new posters, she also revealed that the movie has now been postponed for release to Holi this year that is March 2. 

Without revealing a single detail about the film, the actress has managed to break the internet with these posters. And we have to give it to her, for going out of the comfort zone and venture in the horror genre, where only a handful of actors have achieved success. 

After bringing us to our knees as Virat Kohli’s beautiful bride, we are now ready to have the crap scared out of us by Anushka! Can’t wait for ‘Pari’.

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