Oct 112017

Ali Fazal is currently riding high on the success of his movie ‘Victoria & Abdul’, after delivering an impressive performance as the titular character of Abdul Karim. Moreover, for this movie, he starred alongside veteran actress and Oscar winner, Dame Judi Dench.

Because its honest! Nothing more.. take it for what it is. We all scrutinize our times and leave out the positives. I’d rather be for something , in favour of something than against so many. Its easy to be against. I am For…. what are you ..

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Recently, when Dame Judi Dench was asked about working with Ali, the actress revealed, “Ali is a beautiful young man. He’s kind of a romantic, and also a laugher. That’s a good mixture. We got on very well indeed.”

He surely is a happy man these days, and it’s not just because of the success of his movie; recently, he even made his relationship with actress Richa Chadha, Instagram official, by posting an adorable picture with her. 

One of my favourite pictures. है तो है ।

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‘Victoria & Abdul’ debuted at no.2 at the U.K. box-office, with the movie grossing $4.7m in one weekend. After such a successful run, it comes as no surprise that the actor is already in talks with a Hollywood director, and this time for a biopic role, according to sources. 

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When asked about the same, Fazal revealed that he was in talks for an international project and did in fact meet a director. But he stated, “It will hopefully roll in 2018. I can’t elaborate further as I am yet to sign on the dotted line.”

“Filmmakers are experimenting with unique topics and I want to grab these opportunities and not get typecast,” Ali added.

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Well, we don’t know much about it as of now, since all the details are being kept under the wraps. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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