Oct 222017

Diwali this year became memorable for the families of 103 slain policemen and Army personnel. While many in B-town were busy enjoying the festive season in their own way, Akshay Kumar came up with a special gesture and brought a sliver of light and joy to the families who lost their beloved ones. 

Akki who is often known for his generosity especially towards defence personnel, joined an initiative by a senior IPS officer and contributed Rs 25 lakh for this wonderful cause. The officials came up with a list of martyred soldiers and when Akshay learned about this, he decided to join hands and make a difference.

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“Akshay recently sent me a photograph of a small girl weeping beside the coffin of her father. When I broached the subject of helping the slain policemen’s families, the actor promptly decided to chip in. We are happy that our initiative has made the Diwali of the martyrs’ families sweeter,” said Kolhapur range IGP Vishwas Nangre Patil to PTI. 

He not only sent a cheque but also a signed letter for each family, making the gesture all the more thoughtful and personal. 

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In the heartfelt letter, he talked about the sacrifice made by the martyrs for our nation, “I am aware that you must be recalling their lovely memories during Diwali. The tragedy that has befallen your family is immense and I pray to god that you overcome this tragedy with fortitude and usher in the new year. I wish to offer sweets and a small gift for the children to buy books. I request you to accept them,” he wrote. 

However, this isn’t the first time Akshay has done something like this. Even after Uri terror attacks, he went on to donate Rs 5 lakh to every family of the martyrs.

He is a true inspiration. More respect to you Akki. We need more people with golden hearts like yours.



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