Dec 292017

When you think of the fittest actors in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar would definitely be on that list. Time and again, the superstar has proved that he takes his fitness way too seriously and has proved to be an inspiration for not just his fans, but for other celebrities too.

Akshay Kumar Soaking Up Some South African Sun Will Leave You Stunned© Twitter

For him, it has never been about having the biggest biceps or a six pack at all times. It’s all about being disciplined and consistent with his workout routine and diet and not taking shortcuts to build a “hot” body for the short run.

Akshay Kumar Soaking Up Some South African Sun Will Leave You Stunned© Facebook

And once again, the Khiladi of Bollywood is giving us major goals with his lean and fit bod.

While on a vacation with wife, Twinkle Khanna, Akshay posted a picture with his “good boy”, soaking up the South African sun and we are definitely awestruck.

Soaking up some South African sun with this good boy 😎 #MorningSnuggles

— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) December 28, 2017

And just like us, Twitter was awestruck too.

1. Truly!

Age is just a number!

— Pallavi Purkayastha (@sheonlyreads) December 28, 2017
2. We totally agree. 

The Greek god ��������

— Bombay Duck (@DurgeshG10) December 28, 2017
3. You need to stop being so hot Akshay.

Sir aap pahle kya kam hot ho jo sun soaking krr rahe ho

— praful waghmare (@prafulwaghmare3) December 28, 2017
4. Ji bilkul.

Akshay kumar ab amitabh Bachchan wale raah par nikal pade h…. 70-80 age tak bhi wahi chamak rahegi 👌

— Mannu (@mannkakhiladi) December 28, 2017
5. She indeed is.

That tatoo on his shoulder. â?¤ @mrsfunnybones you are lucky!

— Sababa Ahmad® سبابه (@MyNameIsSababa) December 28, 2017
6. The doggo looks good too!

Wonder who looks better here…you or the good boy

— Apolina De (@apolina_de) December 28, 2017
7. We all know this by now! is smthing defined by Akshay Sir.

— Rahul Bharadwaj (@rahulB_59) December 28, 2017
8. On fire 

Just what I needed to warm me up in -30 degree weather.  Thanks @akshaykumar  and a great time to be soaking in the rays.  😊

— Nitasha (@ChikuChow) December 28, 2017
9. But some couldn’t help but notice that he does look leaner than usual.

Lost some weight? Akshay is looking weirdly thin dunno why🤔 or is it jus camera angle

— Adawiyah Khan (@spazy_belle) December 28, 2017

ittna weight lose 😓

— Rishabh Tomar (@Stylish_Khiladi) December 28, 2017

Given that Akshay is a health freak, we are pretty sure he is taking good care of himself and he looking thinner is just because of a camera angle. Nevertheless, we definitely want to see more pictures of him and seeing that cute dog is just the icing on top of the cake.

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