Jan 282018

Despite its release and the movie glorifying the courage, bravery and valour of the Rajput community, the Karni Sena does not seem to be in a mood to let the controversies die down anytime soon.

From burning and attacking buses, vandalizing public property to wrecking havoc in various parts of the country, the Karni Sena has showed with its actions that it can go to extreme lengths to put a ban on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmaavat’; so much so that they burned down a car of their own group member (yet, no one looked at their determination and instead said ‘jaisi karni waisi bharni’).

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However, after failing to put a ban on the release of this magnum opus, looks like the Karni Sena has decided to go for the ultimate ‘eye for an eye’ strategy by stepping inside the director’s shoes. Reportedly, in a recent press conference, the Rajput Karni Sena has announced that they will now make a movie on Bhansali’s mother. And they have even decided a name for the movie. It will be titled ‘Leela Ki Leela’. The film will be directed by Arvind Vyas and the script work has already started.

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The Karni Sena leader, Govind Singh Khangarot, said, “Bhansali has insulted our mother Padmavati, but we will ensure that he feels proud of the movie we will make.” He further added, “As our country gives right to expression to everyone, we will ensure that this right is used to its fullest.” The choice of words sure is hilarious and ironic, given how they spent the past few days protesting the movie’s ban.

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The movie will most probably be shot across Rajasthan. Well, if we go by the conditions that Karni Sena earlier raised during ‘Padmaavat’s making, isn’t this going to be distortion of facts? Since everyone knows that Bhansali was born in Mumbai and his family is Gujarati?

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Since the Karni Sena is making a movie on Bhansali’s mother, shouldn’t they too take permission from Bhansali and even if refused, allow him to go and vandalise the sets of ‘Leela Ki Leela’ too? Shouldn’t they too agree to CBFC’s innumerable cuts and Bhansali’s demand for changing the movie’s name and removing scenes that he does not like?

Well, it will only seem fair if this happens. But, we guess only time will tell how the entire event unfolds. Until then, let’s wait for Bhansali’s reaction to this news.

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