Mar 162018

aamirAamir Khan’s recent films have gone on to ring the cash registers at the box-office not just in India but abroad as well. However, latest buzz is that one of his oldest and most underrated films, ‘Raakh’ is now set to be brought back to the theatres 29 years after its release. The film is slated to be screened in a suburban theatre on Saturday. Filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar was the one who brought about this idea. “‘Raakh’ is actually one of the films that made me want to be a filmmaker. It is a movie which was way ahead of its time and had such a distinctive directorial voice. A film like this is of great interest to cinema enthusiasts,” Bejoy said.

He further revealed that he will be moderating a session with the film’s director Aditya Bhattacharya, as part of the premiere. “The reason why I chose to be part of a question and answer session with Aditya is because I am such a fan and I have never had the opportunity of discussing it [the film] with him. I have so many questions on my mind.” When asked if they have reached out to Aamir and invited him to be a part of the screening, Bejoy said, “We haven’t formally invited him yet. He is busy with a shoot in Rajasthan. But it will be great if he can make time for this.”

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