May 192018

Sure, the royal wedding was a big deal to the world. I mean, who doesn’t like the classic tale of a commoner marrying a real-life prince? However, Indians across the globe were excited about this mega event for a whole different reason, and the reason is Priyanka Chopra. When people found out that Bollywood’s very own desi girl was part of the guest list, it gave them a whole new reason to be interested in the wedding of the year.

However, this was not that big of a shocker, as everybody knows she’s close friends with the bride, Meghan Markle, and obviously had to be a part of the biggest day in her life.

She arrived yesterday and was already enjoying her stay in London and the fairytale wedding, that is happening, as I’m writing this.

Welcomed by the UK sun… #nomakeupnofilter

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There were some pre-wedding shenanigans.

Pre Wedding SHEnanigans! 12:10AM the morning of…and still waiting for the dress! 📌 #funtimes #memories @mimicuttrell @maxeroberts @alice_7915 @natashapal @patidubroff @danasupnick #teamPC

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And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for – the wedding.

I feel like purple is quite a royal colour and apparently, Priyanka also thought the same and looked like royalty in lavender.

@priyankachopra x custom @viviennewestwood #styledbymimicuttrell @patidubroff @kenorourke1

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And don’t forget the hat. Never ever forget the hat.

💜 it’s all about that SKIN! 💜 #priyankachopra @111skin #makeupbypati Styling @mimicuttrell @viviennewestwood @philiptreacy @lorraineschwartz Hair @kenorourke1 #teampc @danasupnick @natashapal

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While we all agree we would have loved to see our homegirl Priyanka as one of the bridesmaids, we are not complaining. She is literally in the middle of all the action right now, and that is more than enough!

@priyankachopra in custom @viviennewestwood #styledbymimicuttrell

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But, at least Priyanka didn’t forget her date – yes, the hat isn’t that big, but it’s big enough.

Our desi diva at the Royal Wedding 🤩🤩 #Repost @accessonline ・・・ Every princess needs her BFFs! @abigailspencer & @priyankachopra are ready to watch their girl walk down the aisle 😭 #RoyalWedding #meghanmarkle #meghanwedsharry #harrywedsmeghan #priyankachopra #peecee

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Bottom line is, that she looks absolutely beautiful and is probably very happy and excited watching her close friend become a real-life princess!

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