May 252018

On one hand, we have movie makers hardly experimenting with content in order to please the Indian audience, while on the other hand, we have web-series producers coming up with some exceptional work. Moving away from all the daily-soap drama, Indian web series are making a name for themselves.

While most people are obsessed with International shows and with good reason, we are here to tell you that there are several Indian series with great content as well, that you can’t miss.

These series are free of cost (unlike your platform subscriptions) and it is interesting and entertaining at the same time.

For all those of you planning to sit in front of your TV/laptop/phone in your PJ’s or boxers with an unending supply of food, check out these series for a kick-ass weekend!

The Reunion

It is a story about best friends. A story about meeting someone you loved, cared for and shared plenty of memories after a gap of 10 years. The show makes you nostalgic and takes you right down memory lane. ‘The Reunion’ is a story of four friends played by Sapna Pabbi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Anuj Sachdeva, and Veer Rajwant Singh and their journey, which is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The storyline is like a rollercoaster ride that dwells on a myriad of emotions. Each episode builds up in the most unexpected way, making it the perfect pick for millennials.


The Vibe’s ‘Rushes’ shows a concept that we haven’t seen in a very long time in India. It uncovers the stories of India’s home-grown adrenaline junkies, who are driven by their passion to lead an alternate, counter-cultural lifestyle. The series introduces us to seven different path-breakers embarking on adventures, fuelled by an insatiable hunger for extreme sports. The makers have tried to document their escapades that will leave you both impressed and inspired at the same time. This is one show that should definitely be on your must-watch list!

It Happened In Hong Kong

Viu’s ‘It Happened In Hong Kong’ is a series that you just can’t stop watching once you start. The show is about two lone travelers Ahaana and Amol, who are trying to overcome different obstacles in life. Ahaana just ended her engagement and Amol is dealing with his father’s death. The fun begins when they decide to travel and explore Hong Kong together. The series shows how a short-lived friendship unfolds a lot of secrets and truths untold.

Maaya 2

Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Maaya’ was the most talked about series for its depiction of BDSM and now he is back with ‘Maaya 2’. This time, Vikram shows the emotions, apprehensions, and tensions in the LGBT community. The story revolves around Simmi and Ruhi who are lesbians. We see Simmi, who is engaged to a man and is secretive about her sexuality, and Ruhi, who is bold and vocal about who she truly is. The series shows how the two women accept their love, lust, and desire for each other. The best thing about ‘Maaya 2’ is that you don’t really need to watch the first season in order to understand the second one, as both bring out different stories altogether.

Tere Liye Bro

This show is about friendship and how everything changes after the sudden death of a close friend. The plot revolves around how a group of best friends, along with the deceased friend’s sister, try to fulfil his bucket list. The show makes us wonder, how in our busy schedules we sometimes lose touch with our key relationships.  It makes you realise the importance of certain relationships and why you should make some serious efforts to maintain them.


This web series was selected for Cannes and will soon roll out on the web. The show is about a 16-year-old boy Dhruv, who is in a hurry to grow up. This story focuses on young love, heartbreak, and every phase that one goes through at this age. With the help of his best friends, Dhruv tries to woo his first crush who is way out of his league. In the process of trying to grow faster, the three friends have multiple experiences like trying their first drink, their first brawl and their first heartbreak. And with it being the only Indian show to have reached Cannes, this one can’t be missed.

New Indian Web Series That Are An Absolute Must-Watch© TVF


Remember those hectic tuition days? Assignments, bunking lectures, pranking the teacher and having a crush on the cutest boy/girl from our coaching classes! Well, ‘FLAMES’ is all set to make you reminisce those days. This TVF show is set in West Delhi where students of 11th & 12th standard brush up their Maths and Chemistry skills. The show is narrated by the head of the coaching center, played by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish. The show will soon transport you back to the 90’s where Pehla Nasha was the most romantic song. Guess we have more than enough reasons to watch it!

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