May 092018

Sonam Kapoor finally got married, and every A-lister from Bollywood was there. This was one big fat wedding turned fashion extravaganza that will be remembered for a long, long time. What caught our eye, however, were seven people, who seem to have attained the mysterious power of not ageing at all. They have been the same over the years, and just refuse to give in to the whims of time! Here’s the list:

1. Rekha

Just look at her. We don’t even need to defend our claim. She is just the OG queen of Bollywood, and all the younglings combined have nothing on her. We bow down, Ma’am!

Rekha© Viral Bhayani

2. Shilpa Shetty

Can you believe she actually has done roles as the leading lady opposite the father of the bride? She is fitter than everyone, and she just keeps getting better!

Shilpa Shetty© Viral Bhayani

3. Akshay Kumar (and well, Twinkle Khanna too)

This man here still does his own stunts. He is a real-life daredevil and as fit as a fiddle. Mrs Funnybones seems to be keeping up quite well too.

Akshay Kumar (and well, Twinkle Khanna too)© Viral Bhayani

4. Rani Mukherjee

She is back with a bang with ‘Hichki’. But have you seen her? Such a long break doesn’t seem to have touched her at all!

Rani Mukherjee© Viral Bhayani

5. Madhuri Dixit

Let’s just say our hearts still go ‘Dhak Dhak’ for her. Oh, remember who was with her in the iconic song? The father of the bride himself! Phew.

Madhuri Dixit© Viral Bhayani

6. Juhi Chawla

The bubbly comedy and drama queen from the 90s still seems to be stuck there. Has it been like 2 decades already when she used to rule B-Town? It can’t be that long!

Juhi Chawla© Viral Bhayani

7. Anil Kapoor

The father of the bride himself deserves a spot in this list. He, in fact, is ageing in reverse, we say. Just look at him! How do you do it, Mr Kapoor?

Anil Kapoor© Viral Bhayani

All we can say is, we are in complete, utter awe.

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