Apr 272018

Dwayne Johnson aka everyone’s favorite ‘ The Rock’ is known for more than his brilliant acting and affable nature. Besides being an awesome wrestling star, he is also known to be a great human being and a wonderful father. Another aspect of his life which has been in the public eye is his awesome collection of mean machines.

His fleet of cars include some killer names like the ones mentioned on this list:

1. Mclaren 650 S- It’s obvious that The Rock will have one of the best sports cars in the world wait for him in the garage when he wants to go for a spin. This British sports car is well equipped and said to be super comfortable.

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© carkeys

2. Rolls Royce Wraith- This is obviously luxury redefined so it’s only natural for Dwayne to own this beauty as well. Termed as the ultimate ‘grand tourer’ , it is synonymous with people who love adventurous drives. The word ‘ wraith’  is derived from a Scottish word for spirit or ghost. This one has a base price of around Rs. 5.5 crores!

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© YouTube

3. Ford F-150- The man drives this custom made beast and lovingly also calls it ‘the bull’  and is made to fit his tall and muscular 6 feet 5-inch body. He uses this for his daily drives usually.

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© arabicsport360

4. Ferrari Laferrari- This is a limited edition beauty so fits the bill to be in Dwayne’s garage. It is believed that only 25 cars like this exist. This semi-sports car had a base price of close to $7 million.

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© speedyvegas

5. Cadillac Escalade- This SUV is a common sight in the USA but is perfect for Dwayne’s muscular built to indulge in some daily movement around town.

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© pinterest

6. Range Rover Sport- Another common sight but a sheer delight to drive, also this is a common favorite among the Hollywood cult and most stars do own one of this.

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© youtube

7. Ford GT-40- This high performance racing vehicle also finds a place in this Ford lover’s garage.

Here Are All The Cars Owned By 'The Rock'© opptrends

Heres a video which has a montage of his car collection that might look aesthetically appealing to you:

Well, the dream is to own all of these, but I wouldn’t mind if I get my hands on even one of these. 

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