Oct 232017

Bollywood’s penchant of churning some excellent movies in every genre is what makes it one of most famous industries in the entire world. While a good romantic flick or an exciting action movie sure serves the purpose of absorbing a viewer’s time, some movies revolve around psychopath characters which make for a pretty thrilling watch. Here’s a list of some of the most well-crafted movies that revolved around a psychopath lead:

1. Darr

SRK nailed it like no one else. Until today, ‘Kkkkirannn’ is an iconic dialogue. Be it his madness for Kiran in the amazing songs or his obsession to have her only to himself, Shah Rukh as a psychopath paved way for many more roles that were portrayed by other actors but were obviously heavily influenced by his iconic character.

2. Kaun

Urmila might be out of the acting scenario right now, but her character in ‘Kaun’ was truly terrifying. She plays a psychopath who initially won’t allow a stranger (Manoj Bajpayee) to enter the house, but eventually things take a strange turn. Definitely one of her creepiest and most amazing performances.

3. Gupt

Kajol easily passes off as the innocent best friend with bizarre plans to achieve her one-sided love at any cost. The movie was pretty cool at the time when it was released and she was one of the few actresses who decided to take up this role and even nail it down to the last detail.

4. Raman Raghav 2.0

Possibly one of the best flicks of its kind in recent times. Nawazuddin Siddiqui knows exactly how to wear the skin of a terrifying character with ease.

5. Dushman

One can easily call Ashutosh Rana a man of perfection. He is clearly underrated but a critically acclaimed actor of insane calibre. His psychopath character’s obsession with Sonia and Naina, two sisters was creepy and gruesomely honest.

6. Agni Sakshi

Starring Nana Patekar, Manisha Koirala and Jackie Shroff in the lead roles, the story tells the tale of a married woman who is claimed by Nana to be his wife, even though she is already married.

There are several more movies that had some amazing performances by actors who essayed the role of a psychopath and in the next list, we’ll list out the most iconic Hollywood movies that revolved around psychopath characters. Until then, this should help you with some much needed thrill.

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