Jun 172018

There are movies which scare you, there are movies which give you sleepless nights and then there are movies which creep you out in a way that you find the mere thought of finishing them to be pretty uncomfortable. These five movies fall under the super creepy category:

1. Teeth – It is clearly one of the most bizarre and weird coming-of age movie is our modern time. A woman discovers that she has ‘vagina dentata’ ( a condition where her vagina basically has teeth) and life changes for her completely. The power allows her condition to bite off a man’s sex organ. There is one particular scene where a man is bleeding in his bed while talking on the phone. Err, yeah.

2. Raw- This one is relatively new on this creepy list. This movie was hyped to be very uncomfortable where many theatre companies were providing puke bags to the audience. A girl discovers her cannibalistic trait in college and a chicken Caesar salad becomes a dead body salad. There is one scene where a girl eats her finger and that’s when the audience thought oh shit why did we eat lunch today?

3. México Bárbaro- This one literally translates to ‘barbarous Mexico’. This one needs you to have a lot of guts to finish watching it. The creepy scenes include a woman spilling menstrual blood all over the face and a creature which basically has no face. Maybe Arya Stark would like him, but certainly you won’t.

4. Carnage Park- This one has a woman who has been taken as a hostage and is being hunted by a Vietnamese vet. Her escape doesn’t happens, no one is left alive and the whole visual aesthetic is basically uncomfortable.

5. Cabin Fever- This has an original movie and also a remake. The scenes which spell UNCOMFORTABLE include a man with the blood of his dead and rotten dog sprayed on his face.

In case you were looking to creep yourself out or a friend, this is all the help you need.

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