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2017 has Rajkummar Rao’s name written all over it. One look at his work and you can’t help but admire his journey. As the year has come to an end, Rao has decided to end it by shaving his scalp and stepping into the shoes of freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Playing Netaji ain’t an easy job, getting into the skin of the legend and doing justice to the role requires tons of hard work and transformation both mentally and physically. This incredible series has already begun making waves

Bose Dead/Alive (c) ALT Balaji

MensXP saw Bose directed by Pulkit just before it airs on the digital platform. The web-series traces the journey of Netaji from being an introverted 14-year-old to a 48-year-old brave nationalist. From bringing into light the story of India’s biggest cover-up to showing how it all began, we give you 5 reasons on why Bose is absolutely worth watching!

The Man, The Legend

Bose Dead/Alive (c) ALT Balaji

The story of Netaji has always been a jigsaw puzzle for many around. We have read the theories, the myths about him being dead or alive but how many of us actually have an idea of what happened? The series brings various chapters of Netaji’s into limelight. Following a non-linear format, this fast-paced thriller not even for a moment lets you lose your concentration. The introductory scene of Rajkummar set in the Presidency College where he beats up the British professor with his shoe is worth applauding. Netaji becoming the mayor of the city and marching the Raods with thousands of people, is yet another scene that makes you rave about the man. Or be it him forming his own army under the nose of the British, there is nothing you can’t love about the story.  From snappy cuts to amazing sequences, there is a lot in store for the viewers who would like to see Netaji’s story through a new lens.

For Talented Rajukummar Rao

Bose Dead/Alive (c) ALT Balaji

When it comes to Rao, there is literally nothing this man can’t do. He ain’t your conventional hero and that’s what makes him extraordinary. When any actor would have easily chosen to opt for a wig and prosthetic, Rao decided to transform himself and be Bose in every sense and manner. There is not a moment in the series when you feel he isn’t justifying Netaji. Some might contradict saying he doesn’t have that demure. But boy, he has got it all that it takes to play this role. As anticipated by the trailer itself, Rao creates that enigma and makes this conspiracy tale an interesting watch. And full points for getting that Bong style and accent in place!

The Bang On Narration And Music

The soundtrack designed by famous musicians Dr. G and Neil Adhikari are too good to not get noticed. Every moment in ‘Bose’ gives you a high just because of the music. The electro-rap pumps up the aura and makes you curious enough about the storyline. The beauty is that the music follows in synch with the narration.

Bose Dead/Alive(c) ALT Balaji

When most of the story is showcased from the protagonist’s point of view, Bose follows a different pattern. The real narrator of this story is Darbari Lal (Naveen Kasturia), who is a hawaldar (constable) for the British Raj and has been appointed to spy on Bose. The way he narrates Netaji’s story adds the zeal to it. The scenes between Naveen and Rao are something you just can’t miss because both are so natural. You love the fact that you ain’t seeing this story through Bose but Darbari, who gives you a glimpse of the revolution led by Netaji.

Quick And To The Point

Bose Dead/Alive (c) ALT Balaji

If you are expecting a detailed work on Netaji, then you might be disappointed. Keeping the digital scene in mind, the script is tight and brings the various aspect to you quickly. Yes, at times you might feel that some characters didn’t get time to grow, but that’s a beauty in itself. The way the story has been set and picturised covers up all these flaws and makes for an engrossing watch. You also have Patralekha Paul as a gentrified Bengali girl who perfectly fits the role. However, Anna Ador who plays Bose’s German wife Emilie comes out as the star.

The Mystery

Bose Dead/Alive (c) ALT Balaji

The series doesn’t directly blame or question anyone for the mystery that revolves around Netaji but very wisely makes its point. Playing it subtle and smart, the makers give you a glimpse of everything in these small episodes. From personal vendetta, political reasonings, conspiracy, to the mystery of Netaji’s death, a lot is there for you as a viewer to watch. In fact, there comes a point when Bose questions Congress’ intentions as well and you can sense something fishy from their end.

Bose Dead/Alive (c) ALT Balaji

It’s interesting to see how one man single handedly made the life of the British a living hell and no one could stop him. He was a revolution in himself and you can’t help but admire his strength and intelligence.

P.S. Don’t miss Nehru’s part, who saw Netaji as someone who cannot be tamed!

‘Bose Dead/Alive’ is set to air on ALT Balaji from 20th November.   




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