Feb 272018

Some of the best art comes from pain and suffering, and war films are a prime example of that. Documenting the courage, pain and misery of those involved in war, these films are a reminder of the havoc a single battle can cause. While we’ve all seen war classics like ‘The Hurt Locker’ or ‘Inglourious Basterds’, there are some equally brilliant short films on war that are totally worth watching. With IMDb ratings above 8, these films are short in duration but are as hard-hitting as any feature length film. 

1. Prisoner of War 

IMDb rating: 9.0 

Duration: 13 minutes 

Directed by Mathew R. Sanders, this short revolves around the story of an American prisoner who is subjected to an unrelenting enquiry by a sadistic interrogator. Prison can break the strongest of people and it remains to be seen how he holds up against the interrogator. 

2. Night And Fog  

IMDb rating: 8.6 

Duration: 29 minutes 

A French short film about the horrific death camps in Nazi Germany, ‘Night and Fog’ flits back and forth in time with shots of the camps from before and after the war. 

3. Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge 

IMDb rating: 8.2 

Duration: 24 minutes

Based on the short story of the same name by Ambrose Bierce, this short film by Robert Enrico tells the story of a Southern civilian who is about to be hanged but the rope from which the execution is taking place breaks under his weight. The film, which has no dialogues, won an Oscar in 1963 for Best Live Action Short Film. 

4. Way In Rye 

IMDb rating: 9.5 

Duration: 28 minutes

A short based during the German invasion of Soviet Russia, ‘Way in Rye’ tells the story of a farmer and his wife who are protecting invaluable paintings that once belonged to Lenin, from the German forces. 

5. Shok 

IMDb rating: 8.2 

Duration: 24 minutes 

Watch it here

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