Dec 292016

AamirAamir has been in news for the phenomenal response that ‘Dangal’ has been receiving!

This time last year, the actor was in the midst of preparing himself for the character of Mahavir Phogat.

What very few know is that this time around last year amidst Christmas Azad had a perfect Santa Claus for the celebration!

As Aamir had to be bulked up and beefed up for the character, the actor almost started appearing like a Santa. Big and fluffy, Azad started taking his father as his Santa Claus and made the most of Aamir’s beefed up physique. Azad used to hide into Aamir as little one was witnessing a live Santa Claus! It can’t get more adorable!

However this time, when Aamir has come back to his natural shape, Azad is missing his earlier Santa Claus! He clearly is missing having Aamir in a beefed up avatar around.

The actor’s fit to fat making of the film has been tremendous which gave us the insight into how Aamir’s journey of getting in and out of this character was! Aamir lived the character for a long time as he had gained 25 kgs! The actor whose earlier weight was 68 went on to become 93!

‘Dangal’ has become a phenomenon of sorts with a universal love pouring in for the film, the box office numbers seem to have no stop! The film has raked 132.43 Cr net in just 4 days! Crossing all previous records the film!

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