Jan 272017

Salman Khan was acquitted under the Arms Act in the blackbuck case, even as the country lamented the entitlement accorded to the rich and powerful. Twitterati erupted in full force, calling out the hypocrisy. 

2015: “Salman Khan wasn’t drunk”

2016: “Bhai didn’t kill the blackbuck”

2017: “Actually the blackbuck was driving Salman’s car that night”

— Akshar (@AksharPathak) July 25, 2016

As if the madness wasn’t enough, Bhai just told the Jodhpur court that the blackbuck died a natural death. “Only the first forensic report of Dr Nepalia saying that the animal died of “natural causes” was true and the rest of the evidence is false,” he said. 

Salman Khan Tells Court That The Blackbuck Died Of Natural Causes© YouTube

Claiming that he had been accused in the case falsely, the Bhai of Bollywood denied almost all the claims made in the official statement. He was asked about 60 questions regarding the case, and he replied with ‘Galat’ (False) to most of them. “I do not know, I was not there. This case is a cooked up case,” he said. 

We wonder what ailed the blackbuck… 

Waiting for the next court hearing.
Where Salman Khan will say:
1. It was self defense.
2. Suicide.
3. Salman was the one who died.

— Sorabh Pant (@hankypanty) January 27, 2017

Er…his time had come 

“Blackbuck died of natural causes.” – #SalmanKhan at Jodhpur court. Documentary footage of the same: pic.twitter.com/5GKmY0T82q

— Devarsi Ghosh (@devarsighosh) January 27, 2017

Bollywood logic, anyone? 

Salman ” blackbuck died naturally ????”
Judge ” how ????”
Sallu ” meri goli usko lagi ????”
J ” fir? ????”
S ” fir kya, natural si baat hai mar gya ????”

— Rofl Gandhi (@RoflGandhi_) January 27, 2017

Bandook dekh ke heart attack aa gaya. https://t.co/5QehBlLVXz

— Anurag Verma (@kitAnurag) January 27, 2017

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