Dec 272016

2016 sucked. So much that I could pay IN CASH for it to end. The best men died, terrorism was at its peak, ‘Game Of Thrones’ was mostly disappointing, the films were a let-down and life felt shittier than ever, in general. Nobody, no-frikkin’-body seemed to have their ducks in a row in 2016. Except for Baba Sehgal, the man who once gave us the 90s classic ‘Aaja Meri Gaadi Mein Baith Ja’ and is now the reason why the term ‘facepalm’ was ever coined. Looking back at 2016, Baba Sehgal really was the ONLY ONE who had his life sorted and we’ve got the proof right here. 

1. Look at him giving zero fucks about people LITERALLY turning their backs on him and walking away. 


2. While the nation was struggling with real problems, here he was looking for a maid.


3. He wrote an entire song on Rihanna because creepy Twitter shayari was getting way too mainstream.


4. And had the audacity to ask for a fucking GRAMMY! 


I hope someone did, so he took a nice, long break and NEVER returned to the world of music.

5. He spent the entire year tagging international celebrities in posts more embarrassing than Akshay Kumar’s underwear dance in ‘Suhaag’. 


6. He was the nightmare Pele woke up to.


7. Indians died of embarrassment but he went on.


8. And gave Madonna a very legit reason to never visit India.


9. He helped JLo with this love lesson she will never forget (or understand) for the rest of her life. 


10. People cried tears of blood but he went on to ruin the 90s classic ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera’.


11. He then imparted this very important life lesson the world REALLY needed.

har man broke nahi hota
har ban joke nahi hota
har can coke nahi hota..

— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) May 1, 2016

12. This time he took exactly 0.00003 seconds to come up with his new tweet.

mumbai ka vada pao – wow wow wow..

— Baba Sehgal (@OnlyBabaSehgal) May 6, 2016

13. Sometimes he didn’t even care if shit didn’t rhyme

14. This time he got into a DTC and everybody evacuated but that still didn’t stop him from this shayari

15. His epic murder of math was even more brutal than the ‘Game Of Thrones’ finale.

16. And then came the most cringeworthy mention of J.K. Rowling’s entire career.

17. While the whole world hated on Trump, Baba Sehgal made him the US President with this epic composition.

18. Then he took his attention seeking behavious to a while new level with zero shame.

19. The fact that its two thousand fucking sixteen didn’t bother him from committing this crime of uploading a random picture with an unrelated caption. 

20. He gave us this insult that is super cringeworthy at first but you know you’re going to use it on that one friend.

21. Intolerance might be at its peak but Baba’s Snapchat game was on fleek throughout.

22. People were fighting over pollution and banning firecrackers and he was dropping these shayari bombs that could erase every trace of mankind without even a hint of an apology.   

23. Then he went on to educate us about frogs and their evolution because that’s exactly what the world needed in 2016.

24. This completely normal post that had us doubting seriously that his account was hacked

25. He celebrated 2 million people going blind and deaf.

26. While the nation struggled with getting their 500 -1000 exchanged Baba was the most chill human in the country. He made a new fucking track .

27. This time he was the annoying Phoophaji from the family WhatsApp group who actually expects you to laugh at total bullshit.

28. Family planning advice was obviously inevitable.

29. Hillary -0, Trump – 0, Hickeys – 1

30. I mean, there was so much turmoil in the world but all Baba cared about was a plate of Rajma Chawal (that gave everyone else life threatening diarrhea).

Always be yourself, unless you can be Baba Sehgal.

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