Jun 052017

India won, Pakistan has been the butt of the jokes since last night but the memes don’t stop there. Imad Wasim has a whole string of memes attached to his name. His new haircut has forced Twiterrati to dedicate jokes on it.

Memes On Pak Cricketer Imad Wasim’s Hairstyle© AP

Ye Imad Wasim Tere Naam release hone ke baad aaj hi ghar se nikla hai shayad. #INDvsPAK

— Rofl Gandhi NDTV Fan (@RoflGandhi_) June 4, 2017

Someone even compared him to Anjali from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’

Just some random pictures of Imad Wasim. #INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/1KvIQ8hQPL

— Naaz (@nazirology) June 4, 2017

Imad Wasim’s hairstyle is a beautiful tribute to Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

— Roha Nadeem (@RohaNadym) June 4, 2017

Then there was a flying joke about his flying hair flying with a bunch of flying birds.

Spotted. pic.twitter.com/2HyTNBOCjI

— Angoor ???? (@ladywithflaws) June 4, 2017

Imad Wasim haircut ????????#INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/MFH5IM4Dlf

— Momina Bint-e Rafiq (@m0minaSays) June 4, 2017

Someone saw Rajpal Yadav in Wasim

Imad wasim looks like rajpal yadav with this hairstyle #PakvsInd pic.twitter.com/6jqdkLZjW1

— Asam (@Asam__A) June 4, 2017

One person was kind to see a heart shape on his face.

Its sad to see people trolling Imad Wasim when he is giving his heart out pic.twitter.com/MU6mdvzMJP

— PSL Memes (@PSLMemesWalay) June 4, 2017

And then there were some random jokes which were funny nonetheless.

Imad wasim after today’s match pic.twitter.com/cVsD4rFX4z

— Pakistan ftw (@parhlayumer) June 4, 2017

Imad Wasim’s Hair Style ???? #INDvPAK pic.twitter.com/ULGIup6lYE

— An AmbYr ? (@iamambyr_) June 4, 2017

Well, he asked for it maybe.

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