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Lights, camera, lasers! Yes, we all love watching movies with almost believable yet radically different realities. Science fiction has been one of the best-loved genres of film since the start. We all remember ET don’t we? As time has gone by, and our technologies have progressed, we now have the pleasure of enjoying completely immersive and super realistic realities on screen. Check out these top sci-fi films of 2016 and get ready for blastoff!

1. Synchronicity:

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Although the budget wasn’t so grand for this film, the ideas and feel of the movie are right there in the forefront of epic sci-fi magic! It’s about a group of friends who create time travel and then start to get paranoid about people trying to steal it from them, wondering if it has already happened. This is a new take on the whole time-bending paradox that surrounds sci-fi films about time travel. 

2. Lazer Team:


Another small film that will leave you pleasantly surprised. The film is about a 4 hopeless idiots who are cast into the role of being humanity’s heroes when they discover a piece of alien technology that allows the wearer to become invincible. Basically humans received a message from outer space that is decoded to say that we are not alone, and that the galaxy is a dangerous place. So these 4 men get ready to ‘save the world’ while the viewer enjoys the hilarity that follows.

3. Arrival:


The Arrival is one of the hottest films of the year starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, both giving excellent performances. The film is about a mysterious spacecraft that lands on earth, so a team of specialists, lead by expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy), are called upon to investigate and diffuse the situation. Filled with action, suspense and the thrill of an alien invasion, this could possibly be the best sci-fi film of the year!

4. Independence Day: Resurgence


Jeff Goldbloom is back in the sequel to a cult film; Independence Day is a classic favorite amongst sci-fi fans, and after many years of waiting, they brought it back! This time the aliens come down with a vengeance, causing catastrophe at a global scale. Humans have used whatever technology the aliens left behind last time to create advanced weaponry to fight them off, but alas, the aliens are more advanced and just more powerful. So, once again, the fate of the world rests in the hands of a few!

5. Midnight Special:


Bringing back that ‘80’s sci-fi vibe like no tomorrow, with the addition of modern special effects, this film will find a special place in your heart and live in it! It follows a boy with special powers and what his loved ones’ will do for him to get where he needs to get. It’s the kind of movie that doesn’t answer all your questions, yet leaves you strangely satisfied. Cheggit!

6. The Lobster:


Set in a world where single people have 45 days to find true love or else they get turned into an animal of their choice, this film brings to light many of the twisted rules our society imposes upon us in wicked ways. Collin Farrell stars as David, a man whose wife has just left him, and decides to turn his back on his life and escape to an underground sect called “The Loners” who are a group of people who have renounced love completely. To his surprise, he meets someone there who does exactly the opposite of that. This film is a must watch, absolutely satirical, romantic (in it’s own way) and very entertaining, leaving you with enough to think about once the credits start rolling. 

A world of adventure awaits you. Now it’s time to dive right in! Turn on that television and get down to watching these awesome sci-fi films!

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