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Do you ever get that feeling when you’re watching a movie with your special lady and a romantic scene comes on, and you just look at her and she looks at you and you just know? Well, if you have, then I must say congratulations! You are in love! Love is one of the most beautiful and precious feelings, especially when you are with someone who loves you right back. Now for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be in love, or just fell out of it, we must resort to excellent love stories on screen. 2016 has been an excellent year for amorous and exciting romantic films. Just switch any one of these on for date night and you’ll be cuddling in no time!

1. Rules Don’t Apply:

This hilarious rom-com set in Hollywood 1958 follows the unpredictable and eccentric lives of an aspiring actress and her enthusiastic driver. They both work for the iconic Howard Hughes. Marla, our aspiring actress falls for Frank, her driver, the first time they meet. Although he’s engaged to be married, he finds himself questioning everything with his undeniable attraction towards her. A great will-they-or-won’t-they kind of film.

Best Romantic Film of 2016© Twitter

2. Loving:

Loving is a beautiful and painful love story about the struggle of an interracial couple in 1967. We take the liberty to love and be with whomever we want as granted these days, but this film brings to light just how intolerant the world used to be! With sensational performances by both the leads, it’s a wonderful movie that just might bring a tear to a grown man’s eye!

Best Romantic Film of 2016© Twitter

3. La La Land: 

The palpable chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is brought back to life in this inspiring film about 2 young talented people trying to make it in Hollywood. It’s a musical, full of beautiful words exchanged between true lovers, so be ready for a lot of material to send to your girl later!


4. Mother’s Day:

This one is heavy on the star power! We have 3 leading ladies- Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Julia Roberts in this big-hearted comedy bringing light to the fun differences the generation gap brings to family life. When we talk about love, we shouldn’t forget the original love every man has, and that is his mother! A great flick to watch with Mommie dearest! 


5. Me Before You:

An adaptation of the best selling novel by Jo Jo Myes, this is the heart-warming story of the different ways love can heal wounds we didn’t know we had. It stars Emilia Clark as a happy Englishwoman from a small town who comes to London to take care of a wealthy quadriplegic man.  It’s a beautifully shot and the message is one we all like to hear, that someone just might come along and turn everything around for us, as long as we let them!


6. How To Be Single:

This is a question we ask ourselves a lot! If you are looking for a good laugh as well as a few lessons in self-love, get right to watching this hilarious rom-com. It follows the lives of 4 women who are learning to navigate life in New York City, each with their own ideologies about love, life and happiness. It definitely leaves you with a sweet taste in your mouth, a smile on your lips, and a little more self-love in your heart!


7. Allied:

We’re all fans of Marion Cotillard for her extremely romantic yet absolutely devastating vibe. And her chemistry with Brad Pitt on screen is excellent in this story about the strain war puts on relationships. It has moment of absolute pleasure, and then to even it out, moments of deep pain. A strong cast and a wonderful storyline makes for a perfect fit for a romantic Sunday night!


Now that you’ve got the list, call your ladylove over and get down to watching these films! End 2016 on a beautiful and romantic note!

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