Jan 162017

One of the biggest markers of a progressive society is the way it treats its women. Molestation, domestic violence, honour killings are still rampant. The Bengaluru mass molestation incident is still fresh in public memory and so is David Guetta’s cancelled concert and the inability of the authorities to safeguard women. Amidst the disheartening atmosphere, singer Atif Aslam took a stand against eve-teasing, setting a clear example for all the other men out there. 

Performing at a concert at DHA Sports Club in Karachi, the singer spotted a young girl in the audience who was being eve-teased by a group of men, standing next to her in the crowd. Signaling the other artists to stop the music, Aslam paused the concert and called out to the group of men who were misbehaving. 

Tumne kabhi ladki nahi dekhi hai? Tumhari maa behen bhi ho sakti hai yahan par.” [Haven’t you seen a girl before? It could have been your mother or sister here.”]

Massive respect for @itsaadee So proud to be your fan ???? pic.twitter.com/ONOeDsp79Z

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He instructed his team to rescue the girl and together they pulled her onto the stage and immediately escorted her backstage. 

Eve-teasing or any kind of assault should never be acceptable, no matter the time, place and circumstance. It is time all of us start reacting, and raise our voice if and whenever we witness eve-teasing.

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