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Sultan-vs-Dangal-poster-1Salman Khans Sultan made unimaginable money. Rs. 300 crore on the board is no mean task. It’s also the most successful sports film ever but wait, there’s one more film on the same genre that’s getting ready to test waters at the box office, Aamir Khans Dangal. A real-life story of a wrestler and his struggle to make his daughters wrestling champs will release this Christmas. The trailer has made us really interested in the film. But it will have to match up to Sultan’s brilliance. We have 10 records that Aamir’s Dangal needs to break if it want’s to go beyond Salman’s film.

Biggest opening day of 2016
Since the year started, we have been tracking the opening day collection of the films. But neither Akshay Kumar nor Shah Rukh Khan could manage a whopping Rs. 36. 54 cr on its first day at the ticket windows like Sultan. Dangal surely has to earn more than that to become the highest opening day grosser of this year.

Biggest opening weekend of 2016

Sultan got the impetus of a 5 day weekend which helped the film reap insane benefits. It’s opening weekend collection rests at Rs. 180. 36 crore. Yes, these are impossible numbers to earn given the fact that Dangal’s first weekend will have only three days, but then it’s achievable because it’s Aamir Khan we are talking about.

Highest opening weekend grosser ever
With Rs. 180. 36 cr on its opening weekend, Sultan has become the highest grossing film to have such numbers on its first weekend. Yes the long weekend helped it tremendously but much depends on the film as well. Dangal seems like a film with a lot of merit and if it manages to connect with the audience, this number will be totally achievable for it.

Fastest Rs. 150 crore
Sultan entered the Rs. 100 cr club on its third day and zoomed past the 150 cr mark in just 5 days. Now that’s incredible. It even left behind Salman’s own film Bajrangi Bhaijaan behind which held the record till then. Dangal will have to match up to the same.

Fastest Rs. 175 crore
Yet another record happened on the same day when the Salman Khan film made Rs. 175 cr before wrapping up the day 5 collections. It was romping records like anything. Dangal has a huge challenge to face. )

Highest opening day occupancy of 2016
The first day first show fad reaches an altogether different level with a Salman Khan film. Those who couldn’t fetch a ticket for the first show, made it a point to not miss the next and that ensued a mad rush. This resulted in some of the best numbers 2016 has seen in terms of occupancy. Sultan enjoyed 80-90 percent occupancy at the theatres which continued throughout the day. Dangal needs a similar or better margin than that. Probably 100 percent occupancy?

Highest opening day for a sports film
Sports as a genre has been rarely explored and not with great outcomes. Sultan changed it all. It became the highest earning sports film ever. Dangal will have a mammoth task of toppling that and if it does, 2016 will be a triumph of a genre we had forgotten till recently – Sports!

Highest advance booking
Sultan had made more than Rs. 18 crore from its advance bookings which was made available on July 3. It was unprecedented since it hadn’t happened before. Kick and Bajrangi Bhaijaan had seen a similar frenzy but nothing compared to Sultan. Dangal will surely have the same effect we feel because Aamir enjoys the patronage of both the masses and classes. (Also read: Rajinikanth’s Kabali, Aamir Khan’s Dangal, Salman Khan’s Sultan -Top trending trailers of 2016)

Highest day 2 collection ever
Sultan now holds the record of having the highest day 2 collection with Rs 37.32 crore. That’s surely doable because it has been seen that Saturday and Sunday always bring in more money than a Friday since they are holidays. Dangal can surely make it happen.

So Aamir, are you up for this challenge? Meanwhile you tell us if Dangal will manage to break these 10 records set by Sultan.

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